Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Arnold week here in Columbus!

I am so excited that this week athletes from all over the world will be traveling to good ole' Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Sports Festival.  It is great for me because it happens to be my home town.  I look forward to this weekend each year as I get to see all of the inspiring athletes as well as my fitness friends from near and far.  This year I will be working with Lindsay Messina and the PBO Glam squad at photo shoots all over the city.  I always enjoy stopping by the Oxygen and Eat Clean Diet booths at the Expo to get a major does of motivation from the amazing cover models and of course the one and only, Tosca Reno (Pictured with me above, from last year).  This year will also be extra special with all of the Savage sisters I have coming into town.  I hope to see you all!

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