Thursday, February 10, 2011

GSfit Saturday Session

Come get your body rocked!  9am, Harrison Park gym.  $10 per person ($8 for residents).  This is a one hour intense full body work out.  We have a great group of people that come each week to work hard, have fun and get better!  Text me, email me or send me a message on face book if you can make it.  I would love to see you there!

This week is a Special Edition because I have been gone the last two weeks for my wedding and honeymoon, so it is time to get back to it!  It is also the morning of our wedding reception so we will be sweating extra;)  Plus, there will be some special guests coming from out of town this week that will be attending boot camp with us!  Sure to make for a great morning work out.  Lots of laughs, sweat and good times!

See you 9am Saturday!

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