Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Wishes & New Challenges

Today happens to be my birthday, and what a great day it has been so far!  In fact, it's been a great week, and even more a great year.  I am not bragging, I have my good days and bad days just like anyone else.  I just choose to be happy and positive!  I remember the exact moment I made this choice on September 19, 2009.  It was so profound to me.  Each morning I am lucky enough to wake up a continue to choose to bring happiness and positive energy into my life.  I started to surround myself with people who also share in this same type positive vibe and desire for a healthy existence.  I have actually said goodbye to friends who "sucked" the energy out of me.  You know they kind that are always negative or who always take, take, take.  They never realize that they hurt you or anyone around them... yep, I got rid of them!  It was not easy, but it is so much better in the long run.
The people I love to surround myself with challenge me to be better everyday!  My husband challenges me to break down emotional barriers and love deeper and stronger than I ever thought possible again.  My parents always challenged me to be responsible through family and finances.  My best friend has challenged me to find a deeper meaning in my spiritual relationship with god.  My coaches challenge my physical and mental strength each day with training and nutrition.  My good friends at C Squared have challenged me to two 30 day challenges to test my body and mind!
1: Keep track of my clean eating by posting a photo on their Facebook fan page each day.
2: NO SUGAR for 30 days (March 15-April 15)
Not only do the people in my life challenge me, they are there to help me along the way if I fall.  They are also there to keep me in check on the days that I need a "smack down."
I encourage you to build a system of positive people in your life to encourage your journey.  We are not here to do this alone.  I always tell the crew at my boot camps that we are here together to get better each time.  And I think that is the whole point... to know you are not alone in your journey to weight loss or fat loss or muscle gain.  That we are are sweating our asses off together and routing for each other!